February 19, 2010


C's job is super busy lately and he's been working a lot. Which is a good thing but it's also bad b/c his job involves him staying out on his locations 24 hours for days on end. He's been doing this for 4 years but I'm still not used to sleeping alone at night, it's just a tad creepy. I usually end up not being able to sleep unless I am exhausted, which is clearly not the case tonight. It's 3:51am and I am wide awake. Ugh. I've watched the entire Season 9 of Friends on DVD and read Diablo Cody's book, Candy Girl and fyi, it's a kickass book. I've even ran 2 loads of laundry and reorganized my dresser. I'm tempted to start in our closets now.

Nothing new on the IF front, just truckin' along until the ball really starts rolling. I'm trying to convince C we need to take a vacation before all the craziness begins and I think I have almost talked him into it. I'm finding good deals and am currently looking at Orlando, Vegas, San Francisco and Oahu. Oahu being a far stretch but if I can find the right deal, it's on! lol

I guess I'm just ready for a change of scenery. I am tired of all this winter weather and can't wait for the leaves to grow back on the trees and to plant our garden. Doesn't a nice, warm breeze sound so good? Spring can't get here fast enough!

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  1. That is so sweet that you can't sleep without your husband. I love it. I can't sleep with my husband! He snores so loud and he end up in the other room! I think it is so sweet and it just shows how close the two of you are.

    I think that all of those places sound great for a vacation. San Fran will still be a bit cold but it is a neat place. I have never been to Orlando or Vegas, but those places would be fun as well. My vote would be for Oahu! I can't imagine a better place to prepare yourself for the fertility treatments. You will be so peaceful...

    Try sky.auc.tion or bookin.bud.dy for good deals. My husband is a pro at getting good deals. Our favorite island is Kauai. It is the most beautiful and peaceful place. Oahu is busier but there is more to do. I could go on forever about Hawaii!!!!!!!!

    I am a spring junkie as well and can't wait for winter to be over.