June 25, 2010


Can I just say, for the millionth time, just how excited I am about starting the adoption process?! I'm googling bassinets, stalking BRU, pulling the baby clothes I've hidden out and bugging C about baby names. It's fun and I can't stop imagining what our baby will look like, if it'll be a boy or a girl and just how I'll ever be able to express my gratitude to the birth mom. I know it's all very putting the cart before the horse, but I can't help it. I'm excited! Also, very anxious for Sunday to get here so we can meet this social worker and get more info, hopefully.

Grateful List:

* C for being just as excited about adoption as I am
* my family and two BFFS for being excited too
* the dress I found, in my size, on sale for $20 from $80
* the fabulous pair of heels I found in my closet that I had clearly forgotten about!
* our central A/C, it's frickin' hot this Summer
* my oh-so-adorable nephews and nieces
* Skype that allows me to see my adorable nephews and nieces
* finding old friends on FB
* finding old enemies on FB and realizing they have gained as much weight as I have!

We have a busy weekend planned with a dinner, a wedding and adoption stuff. It's going to be golden, I can just tell! Hope yours is too!