June 22, 2010

Interesting News

I've told you about my midwife friend, R, who has been dealing with IF for seven years. She just gets it and we often have dinners that stretch on for hours as we talk about IF, our hubbies, their job, life, etc. We had lunch together a week and a half ago and something she said has given us a new perspective. We are meeting a social worker on Sunday.

At our lunch, R mentioned a fellow midwife friend of hers who works in a large, poor Hispanic community here in Arkansas. She often calls R with babies available for adoption and R was wondering if I would be ok with her passing on my name to her. I didn't even think about it before blurting out, "Yes, of course!" To which R reminded me I should probably talk it over with C first...hahaha! Well, it planted a seed in my mind and C and I spent a few days talking about it but then he got busy and we just kinda dropped it. Until a day or so ago when C brought it up and mentioned how excited he was about the possibility. He even told his two closest friends about it, which shocked the hell out of me. Since we hadn't continued to discuss it, I thought the subject was closed.

Guess not! I emailed R that same day with confirmation to give out my name. So R has, to the midwife and to a fellow friend of hers who is the head of a local pregnancy crisis center. R even knows a social worker and a lawyer who both donate their services for little to no cost! How incredible is that?! R's connections run deep and I am eternally grateful to have her as my friend. So much so that C and I are meeting the social worker on Sunday!

I'm overwhelmed to say the least and excited, scared, worried, panicked and hopeful all at the same time. None of this means we will come home with a baby tomorrow, next month or even next year. All it means is we are going to talk to a social worker. I was even hesitant to blog about this because what if nothing comes of the meeting? But, I am such a mix of emotions that I had to get it off my chest.

All I know for sure is that regardless of the outcome of the meeting, it doesn't mean that we are giving up on IVF, we can do both and we will. It just means there are more options for us and that is an incredible feeling.


  1. Oh Honey if you don't meet with the socal worker how will you ever know. Taking this step is not closing the door on all the other options available to you, it is just opening another door. I am really excited for you - good luck with your appointment

  2. This is exciting news! I totally agree with you; this isn't about giving up on anything, this is about taking a step that feels right for you and C right now.

  3. That is exciting news! I'm sure it helps to know that treatments aren't your only option.

  4. This is very exciting news! Please keep us posted.

  5. Hey I appreciate you leaving this comment. My husband and I have been debating this same thing. I have vacillated between foster care and adoption. I never thought of going to a pregnancy crisis center. I am not giving up on IVF either but it is good to know that I am not the only one thinking of an alternative. If you know of a pregnancy crisis center in michigan please let me know. I wish you well in your endeavors.