June 18, 2010

Summer Time

I am deeply into Summer mode- cookouts, tan lines, fishing, trips to the lake and reading lots of chick lit. Oh, and lots of margaritas! It's awesome. Deathly hot but awesome nonetheless. I am really loving Summer this year but compared to last Summer, how could I not be? There have been no doctor appointments, no needles and no bad news, it's very refreshing.

C and I are also in a better place mentally right now than we were a mere month ago. I guess we just needed to get all that IF crap out and for now it is. But that isn't to say those emotions won't rear their ugly head again cause I'm sure they will. I'm just hoping we can get through the rest of the Summer in relative peace before jumping into Fall and Winter holidays, which I'm sure will be bittersweet once again.

But, actually, we are looking into something right now that is very promising and making us feel very hopeful and a tad confused. It's weird and I promise to share it next week, once I know a little more. Until then, my grateful list!

* the lovely exterminator who laughed at my squeals of delight when he began spraying our house...stupid spiders and beetles and ants and well, all stupid bugs

* my awesome friends for making me laugh and for sharing 3 hour long meals with me, where we bash IF, the heat and the new girlfriend of a friend who likes to dress reaalllly skimpy.

* C for making delicious watermelon margaritas

* Sonic slushies...so damn good

* the Beach Boys because they are my Summer soundtrack this year

* the blogging community because it's simply amazing

* sleeping late!!

Have a wonderful weekend, I hope you squeeze every last drop of greatness out of it!


  1. I am loving summer too! and I love your optimism, it's contagious! Can't wait til you let you secret out of the bag. Sitting on the edge....;)


  2. I love the idea of a grateful list - I might steal that idea! =)

  3. I love your gratitude list! I need to get back to posting my gratitude lists, I've sort of fallen off the wagon there. I'm so glad to hear that you're enjoying your summer!