June 10, 2010


When my BFF announced her unplanned pregnancy, I tried to mentally prepared myself for two more announcements because that is my luck. Pregnancies always come in three's in my life, seriously. Anyway, sure enough, the other two revealed themselves recently. An old friend from high school and a coworker of C's. The old friend hated her last pregnancy and complained the entire time about the weight gain, swore she would never have another. Well, husband number 3 decided he wanted one with her so...bam, she's pregnant! C's coworker and his girlfriend are surprised by this pregnancy, despite not using BC (oh the irony! ;). He took C aside and told him privately, before he told anyone else. Which I think is so sweet and considerate of C's feelings.

I am incredibly happy for our three friends, babies are a miracle. I will gladly buy them baby gifts, inquire about their pregnancy and gush over their bumps. I'm not going to hide them on FB or talk too much smack about them to my wonderful IF'ers. As they talk about morning sickness, bloat and being uncomfortable, I will sleep on my stomach, eat sushi and enjoy the Summer. I will convince myself that I'm ok with not being pregnant right now and make mental lists of all the things I can do because I'm not KU. I may feel sorry for myself and desperately wish it was me pregnant but I will delightfully drink alcohol in front of them.

I might even succeed, momentarily, in buying the crap I'm shoveling out. I may actually forget just how silent our house is, how empty our lives seem. How it's June and how I should be preparing for my ER, how I'd be able to share my pregnancy with three awesome friends instead of trying to convince myself everything is ok.


  1. Oh man, pg announcements in three's? If that's not cause for a cocktail or FIVE I don't know what is...


  2. I know exactly how you feel. I'm waiting for the next pregnancy announcement myself. Hang in there!