June 5, 2010

Grateful Friday

Only a day late! Last night was C's birthday bash and it was loads of drunken good times. We started out a a local restaurant and ended up back at our place, where my drunk hubby promptly puked his guts out and passed out on our swing in the backyard. We partied without him, most left around 2am and three fellow drunkies ended up crashing here so we were up until 4am. I'm exhausted and the house is a mess. But, the pictures are priceless and seeing C have a good time is as well.

In honor of his birthday, my grateful list is almost entirely about him! This week I am grateful for:

* how hard C works to provide for us
* the way he thinks my quirks are adorable
* how he can make me laugh until it hurts
* how his kisses still give me butterflies
* how much he loves my family
* how fiercely loyal he is to his friends
* how he likes to quote movies with me
and switching gears
* the 20 friends who came out last night to celebrate with us
* the super cool waiter
* our cute dogs who can always cheer me up
* chicken sandwiches (my craving this past week)
* my blog followers!

Have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I love your grateful list! It sounds like you have a lot in your life to be grateful and thankful for.

  2. I love your lists, too! I'm trying to find new ways to be positive... maybe I'll have to make my own lists. Just reading yours makes me happy, so maybe my own will work on me, too.