September 20, 2010

I'm a total badass

My Friday night started out innocently enough- dinner at a local Greek restaurant followed by a movie with C and another couple. (they're also from TX so, naturally, they rock!) Halfway to the theater, which is in the big city aka Little Rock, we get a call from another couple we're friends with. The wife was tipsy and getting a tattoo, which is totally out of character for her so we HAD to ditch our movie plans and immediately go to the tattoo parlor. Where I also got a tattoo! I'm still in shock that I actually went through with it. So is C. But I also feel like a total badass now and I think C likes it too.

I got "Why Not?" on my left arm, above the crook of my elbow. Pretty random, no? Don't worry, it has a lot of meaning to me, let me explain. Anyone read this post about my Dad? He almost died in October 2008, it was an extremely tough time for me and my family. Followed by months of doctors and therapy for my Dad to help minimize the brain damage. Anyway, when he was young, he had a truck that was called his "why not" truck. Why? Because he painted that on the side of it. When asked why he did that, he always responds, "Why not?" So, in my family, why not has taken on this larger than life meaning. It personifies my Dad's personality to a T. He's completely random, funny and lives life by his own rules. One night, in the hospital, my sister and I were discussing his funeral arrangements and started laughing about why not. We decided to get it tattooed on us one day, in his honor. My Dad is alive and it's a true miracle.but the desire for this tattoo has endured.

Now, the reason I got it where I got it. My left arm is the arm I always get blood taken from me for anything IF related. The vein is awesome; easy to see and they can always get it on the first try and when they are taking vial after vial, you know how important that is! I got it there to remind myself that C and I are not crazy for pursuing IF treatments with such odds stacked against us. There are so many "whys" used against us- why don't we just adopt? why spend so much money on something that might not work? why are we so sad? why can't we be around babies and baby stores? why us? why azoo? why? why? why?



  1. I love it! And you are a total bad ass!!!! I love the meaning behind it too -so sweet.

  2. You bad ass! It's awesome. I love the placement, I love the meaning. You rock!

  3. Definitely a badass tattoo! Good for you!

  4. I like your tattoo :) Whenever you get a chance, please visit my blog. I nominated you for an award.

  5. This totally rocks and you are definitely bad ass! It's funny I'm not much a tatoo person, but when people have them done with real meaning and purpose I am a fan! So I agree - Why Not!