July 16, 2010

Freaky Friday!

Another Friday, man this was the longest week ever! It was a strange week for me, I had friends over Wednesday for pool time and some drinking, yesterday was our anniversary and today was just plain ol' crazy. C quit the job that changed our lives, the one he got right out of school and has been with for almost 5 years. The one with coworkers who are like family and the job that moved us twice. I'm pretty scared! He has something lined up so I'm not too scared, it's just bittersweet. He's thrilled about having some time off between now and his start date. I kinda like that too! Plus he got a new tattoo today, it's pretty awesome.

Now, my Friday ritual! This week I'm grateful for:

* great, supportive friends
* a wonderful husband who makes marriage easy
* Mexican food, I had yummy cheese enchiladas today
* Old Navy for having 2 for $5 flip flop sales!
* my beautiful niece, A, who turned 10 this week
* my funny sister for never failing to make me laugh and for being a single mom
* Summer storms with pretty lightning
* banana shakes, so delicious!
* C for making dinner twice this week

This is my 97th post and in honor of my 100th, I'm hosting a giveaway! I will give details very soon. Have a fun weekend!


  1. 100 posts is awesome. I love the positive lists... they remind me to be positive!

  2. Ahh, Old Navy. I am grateful for the two new shirts I got there last week :) They are so cute, and only $9 each :)