September 15, 2014

Travel Bug

I have a huge case of wanderlust lately. I've been googling cruises, vacation packages, flights, locations...well, you get the picture. I've been online a lot lately pretending I'm actually going to book a fabulous trip! I think I'm overdue to finally leave the country since I am 31 and have never been outside the US. Well, I've been to Mexico but that's not surprising since I live in TX.

I recently read this book by Josh Gates and it made the wanderlust SO much worse. I'm hoping to plan a couple of small trips before the end of the year because I am way overdue to visit my BFF in Arkansas and the other BFF in Dallas. And while both trips will be fun and get me out of here, I need something bigger. I don't play the lottery but if by some chance I ever win a huge jackpot, I will take 3 months and just explore the world. Then I'll buy a yacht and sail around the Caribbean, drinking copious amounts of rum. I tell you, I really should have been a damn Disney pirate.

I recently came across this blog and I wanted to share it with all of you! This wanderer is off to Scotland and I am very excited to follow along. She's going to be there for the big historic vote regarding Scottish independence from Great Britain and I think seeing it through her eyes will be cool. Also, I *might* know her. Maybe. Possibly.

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