April 8, 2016

Long time, no talk!

It's Friday! What is a better day to dust off the ol' blog and put my thoughts down after a long silence?! It's been busy lately and things aren't going to settle down until after May so I'm gearing up for even more busy-ness! Etsy has been slow lately, but we're in the midst of rebranding and website launching and more jewelry making so I'm not too bothered by the slowness. The photography has it's spurts of busy and slow, but again, I'm not minding too much. The house is finally under contract again and I'm ridiculously excited about that. All the packing isn't exciting but I just crank some music and get to it. My car decided to act up so it's been a lot to get it running smoothly again, ugh.

Things are great with M, we love Summer so we're excited to make fun plans and to celebrate three years together in June. We aren't thinking too much about wedding plans, other than to throw out ideas every now and then. We're extremely casual about it and I think it's one of those things that we'll decide last minute and throw it all together. At least that's what I hope!

Anyway, this is what I'm most grateful for these days:

* Friday night high school baseball games
* playing with my nephews & nieces
* cuddling my tiny nephew, he's almost 4 months old!
* movie nights with lots of junk food with M
* library trips
* cool nights and warm days, not too burning hot here yet, thankfully
* fun photo shoots
* making peace with the past
* planting flowers

I vowed to make this year a year of growth and expansion. It's really comforting to my soul to see the wheels I set into motion actually turning and making progress. I'm anxious to see just how far we'll progress this year!

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