July 8, 2009

More tests

My big appointment was Monday, the one that I was super anxious and excited for. I barely slept the night before because I was a bundle of nerves and I am so glad that C went with me. It was a quick visit with Dr. J, she ordered a semen analysis (SA) for C and a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) for me. After the HSG is done, we are going to stop the prometrium for a cycle to see if I can have a period on my own. I'm not happy about potentially wasting a cycle but what else can we do? C asked the doctor what more we could be doing to help us and she told us, "Just keep doing it." We laughed about that afterward! We're learning, that sometimes, having sex isn't the easiest way to conceive a child.

The SA was collected this morning and dropped off at the lab within 20 minutes of collection and we are very nervous to get the results. C was so shy about the whole thing, it was cute. I hate that he had to but at this point, whatever it takes! We're praying that everything comes back normal. Next up is the HSG, once AF arrives next week I'm to call and schedule the procedure. It seems pretty harmless but I'm a natural worrywart so of course this is stressing me out. I'll be happy to get it done and to get the results of both tests.

It all seems very surreal to me. I can't believe I'm dealing with IF and talking about HSGs and SAs. As I hear myself say these words, it just sounds so odd. It makes me wonder if soon I'll be talking about IUIs and IVFs. I've dealt with talking about Clomid and other type drugs but haven't really contemplated what it will be like if we have to move beyond that to more invasive methods. Having PCOS has brought this whole new world into my life, one that I wish I never had to deal with. But, God has led us down this path for a reason and I have faith that this path ends in us having a family.


  1. My husband HATES the cup for testing or procedure. He is very embarrassed by it!

    GL with your HSG I hope that it will be painless and clear!

  2. I'm praying for you!

    I hope that your HSG goes well.