July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

I love all holidays, I tend to go overboard for them but it's just so much fun to celebrate! We're having BBQ, beer and fireworks tomorrow with friends and family, I can't wait. My ILs decided, at the last minute, to drive up here and spend the weekend with us so I've been frantically cleaning. Carlos has been off all week so it's been nice to just hang out with him and to put his butt to work helping me clean! He's been a good sport about it and he's looking forward to spending some time with his parents. I'm not as happy about it but at least my MIL will cook for us while she's here, nobody can cook Mexican food like she can!

Monday is my big follow-up appt with my gyno to discuss our next step. I am super anxious and excited to move on in our IF journey. C is going with me to the appt and I'm happy that he'll be there to help calm my nerves. I think he's excited too but he doesn't like to talk much about all this so I try not to push him. I have a really good feeling about the next few months! I hope there's a BFP in the coming weeks!

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  1. GL Monday! Happy 4t to you too! We have a block party today!