December 15, 2009

Hope Just Keeps Popping Up

Ever since I named this blog, Hope is Ours, I see hope everywhere. Literally, I keep seeing "hope" all over the place; on paintings, on figurines, on home decor, etc. It is just everywhere! I'm sure it's always been that way and I just never realized it but it's so cool to see. It's almost like it's God's way of reminding that I must stay hopeful and that He's there, listening to me. It's very comforting. I even catch myself talking about hope a lot to people and smiling when someone else mentions it. I am just full of hope these days, not just for myself but for all the people I care about. It's a nice feeling.

Nobody in my life knows about this blog. It's my little piece of honesty, away from people who don't understand. They all know about our IF struggles, they might not know details but they know all we're dealing with it. That being said, nobody knows the significance of hope in my life and what it means to me. Well, one of my best friends gave me this for Christmas:

It's a Willow Tree angel and this particular one is called "Angel of Hope". I cried....a lot. Then I smiled and thanked God for His blessings in my life. Sometimes I just really need a reminder that there is something bigger then IF and that having hope is one of the greatest strengths I can have in face of our struggles.


  1. I just LOVE it when God does things like this. It rarely happens for me, so when it does, I perk up and pay attention. He is so obviously telling you that you need to have hope. It really is from God and not just coincidence. This post gave me the chills. I can't wait to see what God has in store for you!

  2. Hope is what keeps us going. I'm glad that God is giving you hope and that you are hopeful. The angel your friend gave you is just beautiful!

  3. Where would we be without Hope?! I am glad you are constantly reminded of it and it's existance. Keep on hoping sister!!! Love the angel...I love that collection, I browse it everytime I visit Hallmark.