April 2, 2010

Penguins and IVF

It looks like we will have all the money stuff done in the next two weeks! I am so incredibly excited and very anxious to get it all rolling! SQUEEE!!!!!!

I find the majority of my support from an IF message board on the bump and this past winter we choose a mascot in hopes it would bring us all luck. Have you seen the movie, March of the Penguins? It explains perfectly why the emperor penguin now means so much to us on the board. (If you haven't seen it, read this.) They go through so much for just one little egg, their precious baby. So similar to all of us dealing with IF. I didn't think to load up on penguin stuff this winter so now I'm searching all over for penguin socks, pajamas, etc to wear for the entire IVF process.

I did find this:

Which is so ironically perfect for us. Every year I buy an ornament to represent the year for us and I've been doing this since our first Christmas together in 1999. It's a lovely tradition that I can't wait to share with our child. 2009 represented a lot of sadness for us with the azoo diagnosis and I didn't know how to pick an ornament for that, didn't want to actually. I was thrilled to come across this one and it sums up 2009 perfectly. IF but still so damn hopeful we will end up with our own perfect little baby.


  1. *yaay* for getting all the $$$ stuff squared away. this is a stressful enough process without having to add money stuff to the mix.

    i LOVED march of the penguins. it's funny, bc i was commenting to dh last year that i felt like a mommy penguin trying to do everything possible to have her baby!! i'm sending you lots of *luck* for this ivf cycle!! are you guys still doing the cycle in texas? did you figure out how to get family not to be too nosy during that time?? *hugs*

  2. You sound so full of hope, and I just love it. How exciting this all is. It is coming so soon, and I can't wait to see your end result! The penguin is such a neat symbol for you.

  3. I'm so glad that all of your financial stuff will be done soon! That's great news! I did see the March of the Penguins with DH on tv. It was such a moving movie, I cried during parts of it. I think that the penguin is a great symbol for you! I'm praying and hoping that this cycle is successful for you!