April 13, 2010


We've been pretty busy around here and we're still not done with everything on our to do list. There is still so much to do before I am in Houston all summer awaiting our IVF. We are in the middle of ripping up carpet and replacing it with hardwood, replacing our appliances since our dishwasher and stove decided to die, painting a few rooms and fixing up our lawn. Whew, I'm exhausted. Not to mention, I'm signing up for online classes this summer (woohoo, BA in history is in my sights!) and C is training a guy at work to replace him while we are getting me knocked up. Busy times at our house but every day, we get more and more excited about it all. The excitement is slowly becoming greater than my fear, which is such a relief. I have found myself, on more then one occasion, starting a sentence with "Since I'll be pregnant later this year..."

You would think the previous disastrous results of my positive thinking would make me control myself, but nope! I am full of hope and excitement....and baby thoughts. Seriously, how can I stop myself from searching nurseries online at rate my space? Or googling meanings behind my current favorite baby names? ::sigh:: I guess I just never learn and if this doesn't work, I am sure to regret letting myself get so damn hopeful. But, I just can't help it.

Anyway, as I mentioned, we painted our kitchen and master bedroom. It took me three months to pick the paint for our kitchen, much to C's annoyance. Here are the results:

Kitchen, custom blend of green from Lowes:

Master, Thin Ice from Lowes (and I am officially over low VOC paint and it's crappy coverage):

Not the best representation of the two colors since the sun is currently in the front of the house and these rooms aren't but you get the idea. I love them, so happy the standard brown color we lived with is now gone!

On finance news, the money should be in our account any day now!!! My fingers are just itching to call my IVF nurse!


  1. my blogroll has not been telling me about new updates, so sorry this is late.

    i LOVE green walls. it's my fav color, and half my house is in varying shades of green.

    glad the ball is rolling, both on the house and that ivf is getting started soonish. what month are you starting??

    hope all is well :o)