August 1, 2010

being sick=bad blogger

I've been a bad blogger. First, it was because we were on vacation and now that we're home, it's that I am nursing a head cold that has declared me it's bitch. It's just plain evil to have a cold in the Summer time! But, at least I'm not C, who has been dealing with a stomach bug. If I catch that as well, I think I might just go crazy. He's actually feeling fine today, the lucky ass.

So, we are a couple of sickies holed up at home while the bright blue skies tease us and friends call with really fun plans that we have to turn down. On the plus side, I have done a ton of reading and TV/movie watching...on the downside, I really need to dust, vacuum, sweep and scrub but just don't feel like it. We have unpacked our luggage and done about 593 loads of laundry or so it seems anyway. ooh and we went grocery shopping late last night! See? Progress!

So, until I can properly hear from my clogged ears, stop blowing my nose and stop demanding sweetly asking C to make me tea, I must make you wait on the giveaway. bwahahaha!!

Don't be mad, I promise it'll be awesome.

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