August 6, 2010


So, it's been one of those weeks. Started off with a cold, which turned into a raging toothache and of course, we are temporarily insurance-free. Went to the dentist anyway and learned it's my wisdom teeth and they have to be yanked out. In the mean time, I can't eat because the pain is SO bad and it's hard to even talk. On the flip side, I have lost 3 lbs from my diet of soup, mashed potatoes and eggs! But, I'd give almost anything to be able to eat a cheeseburger. Another positive, my pain meds are awesome!

In the midst of all my health drama, my Dad was taken to the hospital. The doctors think his colon cancer is back and he's been undergoing test after test this week but we still don't have a clear answer. I spent all of Wednesday crying because if the cancer is back, the prognosis is very bad. I've spent the past 2 days praying like crazy and arguing pleading with God.

So, I am in need of my Friday ritual. Here is what I am grateful for:

* a supportive network of family and friends
* doctors that treat those without insurance
* the lovely afternoon storm today that gave my grass a much needed watering
* late night fishing on our lake with C and some amazing friends
* ice cream runs with same said friends and talks that linger for hours
* an awesome cardigan I got for $6 down from $70!!
* a day spent curled up with a very good book and my comfy bed
* stores that are setting out Fall decor!!
* realizing that I can decorate for Fall very soon :)

Tonight should be golden, despite all the medical crap. C is taking the boat out for some more night fishing while four very fun ladies and I go have drinks and dance. I am loving getting all dressed up! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

[my next post will be to announce the giveaway!!]

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  1. I hope that the pain from your toothache stops soon and I'll be praying that everything is okay with your dad.