August 19, 2010

A Moment to Breathe

It has been a whirlwind month for us; C quit his job, took a month off and started a new job this week. We went to TX twice and spent a lot of time drinking beer, fishing, staying up late, sleeping in and having too much fun with friends. In short, it was perfection. I haven't seen C so relaxed in a very long time and it was awesome to spend so much time with him. But, it's nice to have normalcy back in our lives! He's liking his new job so far and it's keeping him plenty busy, which gives me time to catch up on cleaning, laundry and blogging! You know, all the important things..haha!

The only downside to our fabulous Summer is the dread I am already beginning to feel about the upcoming months. Dread because Fall is my favorite season, crammed full of pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Halloween festivities and lots of time hiking and camping with friends. All things I ache to do with a child. So, it's bittersweet for me. I've been able to ignore my baby fever all Summer but I'm afraid it'll be impossible to do once the weather cools and all the fun starts.

I have nothing to report adoption-wise because we didn't do much about it in C's month off. I am barely getting back into all the details/researching again. We're also waiting on the information from our new insurance so we can see if there is any IF coverage. We are still planning on cycling next year, it's just getting everything lined up that makes me feel so impatient!

It also makes me wish we had our baby already ::sigh::


  1. We are professionals at waiting aren't we?? Glad to hear you are having such a good Summer, sounds about like mine and it's been wonderful!

  2. We are going through the adoption process right now- wishing you the best of luck with your decisions.