March 4, 2011

Grateful Friday

Time to remind myself that my life is much more than just IF doom and gloom. I need to get back into the habit of doing this, it always makes me feel better!

This week I am grateful for:

* beautiful Spring-like weather with skies that are multiple shades of blue
* curling up with a new book and getting lost in it
* sweet friends who love you and support you, unconditionally
* laughing with my sister, she gets me like nobody else does
* seeing cute Easter decorations in the stores, how precious are bunnies?!
* my silly dogs, my companions this week as we miss C
* scoring 2 cute pairs of shoes, on sale!
* plans with friends this weekend, the perfect balm for my aching heart

This was a hard week for me, I experienced my first earthquake late Sunday night and it terrified me, it was a 4.7. I was on the phone with C when it happened and I immediately burst into tears, it was so unsettling. It takes a lot to scare me but the earth moving definitely freaks me out. I had a hard time sleeping this week as a result, barely slept at all and almost went crazy from exhaustion. We're also entering tornado season, which also worries me. Things went wrong with my car, I fought with a bank in TX about an account long closed and missed C so damn much. He's now in West Virginia but should be home early next week.

I'm usually a much stronger person but my nerves are shot and I can feel myself slipping. I think it's truly time to get my butt to a doctor for the meds I've been refusing for over a year. I'm depressed and it's time to get help. Why is that so hard for me to admit? ::sigh:: Stupid IF.

Anyway, have a great weekend lovelies.


  1. I've been thinking of you. If you are slipping definitely do what you can to get help. Stupid IF is an understaement. I hope you have a great weekend with your friends!

  2. take care of yourself. Have a fun weekend. C will be home soon!

  3. Sounds as though it has been a week from hell, and yet you found something positive to focus on (well more than one something!) Hang in there.

    I want to add one thing I am grateful for, through the last two back to back IVFs I have drunk out my mug as often as it is clean and looked at my 'Hope' (tag that I won on your blog) every time I open the fridge. They bring a smile to my face every time, so I am grateful for a great blogger who can bring happiness to other people while in the midst of her own hell. TAHNKS!

  4. I'm sorry that you had such a hard and difficult week. If you feel like you need to get and take the meds, please do! I have been on meds on a long-term basis and trust me, it really has made all the difference in my life.