September 10, 2011

the weekend

My Dad was in the hospital almost all week, C's motorcycle decided to stop working, a birthday present I mailed to my nephew was never delivered, my skin is freaking out like I'm thirteen again, my baby fever is through the roof and C has been working a lot. So, needless to say, I am quite happy to have made it to the weekend!

I am in need of some gratitude, my reminder that I have little gold nuggets among all the chaos. This week I am grateful for:

*a cold front that brought Fall to my part of Arkansas
*completing some DIY projects that make me feel like a domestic goddess
*sleeping with our windows open
*preparing for Fall by washing heavy blankets, deep cleaning the house and putting away Summer stuff
*Friends and How I Met Your Mother marathons on tv
*visits with my good friend and her adorable newborn
*phone calls from my nephew where he blurts out he loves and misses me before excitedly telling me about his baseball game, school and a million other things
*Pumpkin Spice lattes!!
*Visits from my SIL, BIL and niece and nephew
*C making me laugh and us getting back to normal

I am not as sad to see Summer end this year as I was last year, this Summer just wasn't as golden. I am happily packing away beach towels and bathing suits and draining our super awesome kiddie pool. I am quite happy to dig out our heavy blankets, jackets and scarves. I'm looking forward to corn mazes, pumpkin carving and pretty leaves and making C bring down my Fall decor from the attic is always fun for me. The only downside is that this time of year always brings out the worst in my IF sadness. I can't help but feel like all of this Fall fun would be SO much better with our child. And it's just going to snowball straight to Christmas where I will drink my way through Christmas Eve and any good Christian, Southern woman dealing with IF ; )

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  1. Your last sentence made me laugh out loud - sometimes I would like to drink my way through Christmas Day and Eve as well :) I enjoyed reading your gratitude list :) Sometimes the simple pleasures of life can just make all the difference.