October 1, 2011

this year needs to end

If you listen very quietly, I think you can hear God laughing at me. Deep, throaty belly laughs at that. I'm not quite sure where this year derailed for me, I think I can pinpoint it to April but something tells me it was crap before that. I had SO much hope for this year, I was very excited to finally tackle IVF and was more than ready to make IF my bitch. Then all the bad crept in and it's been one slam after another. Exactly two weeks after my ER trip, C was in a motorcycle accident. It involved a curve on a mountain, a pothole and a very awesome guardian angel.

I had a bad feeling that whole day, I kept getting a picture in my head of a police officer ringing my doorbell. C had taken the bike to work bc he was taking his driving lesson and getting his motorcycle license. Which, he passed with flying colors, oddly enough! After work, we were going to drag down our Halloween decor from the attic and go grocery shopping, terribly exciting stuff around here. But, a friend called and wanted to go for a quick ride and I knew he really wanted to go. Glee was coming on so I decided not to join them and kissed him bye. By nine that night, when he hadn't shown up, I was starting to get nervous. I know C and he would never stay out that late on his bike, especially after telling me it would be a quick ride. That is when he pulled up and I saw the damage. I took in how ripped his clothes were and rushed into his arms.

Then we were off to the ER because his left knee was one disgusting bloody hole. No stitches because of the way it cut so we keep it clean and covered with gauze. Other than that he has bumps and scratches. He got lucky that he was only going about 35mph on the curve and that he had on a long sleeve shirt and his fire resistant thick jeans and steel toe boots..oh and his helmet, thank God. He skidded on the road about 15 feet after flying off the bike. And the bike is totaled but C isn't and that is all I care about. He's limping around for now but his knee already looks better.

I am so very thankful that it wasn't worse and so very happy that he wasn't badly hurt. C keeps repeating how grateful he is for his guardian angel and oh man, so am I. God may be laughing at my attempts to plan and control my life but He is also looking out for me. So, I can't be too mad about our continued rotten luck...at least for now.


  1. I'm so glad to hear that C is okay. Whew!

    Bikes scare me. Not because I think their riders are unsafe but because I truly believe that other drivers simply do not SEE bikes. A bike doesn't seem to get processed in the brain of other drivers like say, a car or a truck would. Driver's don't see them or recognize them as moving vehicles. So yes, bikes do scare me. Even though secretly I'd love to own one and ride!

    Hugs to you and C as he recovers. What a scare for both of you!

  2. I'm so relieved and happy to hear that C is okay!

  3. How frightening is that?! So glad to hear he is ok, wow. I would have been a worried mess too....my hubs rides too and it's scarey.