September 25, 2012


It's been quite an adjustment getting used to all the changes in my life. Sometimes it's just too overwhelming and I have to sneak off in order to maintain my sanity. Going from just us two in our house to six people has been difficult, especially for my poor dogs. While our AR house was often too quiet, this house is often too loud. There is always someone here and there is always someone that needs something. The tv usually is tuned into Sprout or Disney or some other type of cartoon and food doesn't last as long around here as it does with just two people.

Houston is also so big in comparison to my small AR town, which, duh, but I didn't think it would be too much of an adjustment since I grew up here. I was wrong! People here are rude and it takes forever to drive anywhere. I can't remember how to get anywhere and my family gets frustrated with me about that. I'm also a tad scared to drive on these huge highways! And don't get me started on the heat and humidity, today it is 90*, which isn't too bad but it only gets into the 70's at night so it doesn't seem to ever really cool down.

I miss C a lot and at least once a day, I regret this. There are so many things that I wish he was here for, things I wish he could do with me or for! I miss watching tv in bed with him, making dinner together, laughing with him....I miss it all. He's been really busy at work so we've mainly been texting lately. He told me it's been harder for him than he thought it would be, he misses having me there. He is so sweet, told me he wants to take me on a date and spend a whole day just holding me and cuddling. ::sigh:: I'm going to AR this week to see Carlos (see, he does have a real name!) and I'm really excited. I can't wait to see him and our friends. I'm homesick for AR, which I didn't expect so it'll be nice to soothe that particular ache.

But, it's not all bad, I am happy to be home. I love my family and have lots of fun with them. While it can get on my nerves that I am never alone anymore, it's also nice. There is always someone around to talk with or go to the store with me or cook or clean or help with the dogs. There are definitely perks! My dogs love that there are so many people around to pet them or sneak them food! I just wish C was here too and my Dad. Especially my Dad.

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