September 7, 2012

let me count the ways...

It's 4am and my mind won't shut up so I figured why not blog? It is Friday after all and that means it's time to show some gratitude. This week I'm grateful for:

*the total chaos that accompanies having family so close and living with you!
*comfy new couches that beg you to curl up and watch a movie
*being able to goof around with my siblings, it makes my heart SO happy being close to them
*seeing how happy my extended family is to have us back
*scoring a Kate Spade bag I've been lusting after for a long time for 50% off thanks to the surprise sale!!
*my beloved Longhorns won and then the Cowboys beat the Giants, yay for football!
*living 30 minutes from Ik.ea
*Glee is almost back, heck all my shows are almost back!!
*finally being able to unpack and settle into the house, feels so good to have all my clothes again
*nightly talks with C, reminds me of high school and our marathon phone calls

I can't explain how good it feels to be back home. It hits me at different moments, like I'll be sitting in the kitchen and my favorite uncle will walk in or my ILs will stop by or I'll realize all the different options I have now for shopping and eating and suddenly it hits me, we moved back home. We actually did it and we're here and I am so happy. I didn't realize just how much I missed Texas until now, we should have done this a year ago. All I can think about is what this would be like with my Dad here. Being near my Mom and siblings is so comforting because they remind me of him, he feels closer to me when I'm with them. But it also hurts more because he's so obviously missing, I can't ignore that around them. It's bittersweet.

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  1. I struggled with some late nights this week too. ugh no fun! Your list makes me smile, glad you are happy!! I am so excited for Glee to return too!!