April 18, 2014

Grateful Friday!

I had one of those weeks where it was incredibly busy and lots happened but yet nothing of any real significance. I'm just drained and so glad it's finally the weekend! This week I'm grateful for:

* finally getting my library card, felt so good to browse the stacks
* visits from 4 different cousins this week, always fun catching up!
* waking up to a thunderstorm, I just love storms
* playing around with my nephews and nieces, they're my heart
* my 3 dogs behaving in Pets.mart and not being assholes to other dogs
* finding my extra Scentsy warmer and putting it in my room, it smells yummy now!
* fun plans this weekend for Easter that involve beer, food and lots of family

I had an odd moment earlier today. Some friends from AR texted a video announcing their second pregnancy to our group of friends, but not to me. One of my BFFs mentioned it, not knowing I wasn't included. It stung twice- once for them announcing it as they held their barely 1 year old and once for realizing they no longer count me as a friend since the divorce, guess XH got them in our split. It seems no matter how far I get from the split, the reminders still pop up and that just sucks.

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