April 22, 2015

National Infertility Awareness Week

As a woman who spent years entrenched in the IF world, I knew once the calendar rolled on to April that NIAW would soon be upon us. I tried collecting my thoughts on it but they were so scrambled that it was hard to round them all up and organize them into a coherent thought. So, my FB has stayed uncharacteristically silent thus far. Although I did send out a supportive tweet and I will post across FB and IG before the week ends.

But, here it is, IF is a damn hard road to travel. I had the support of an awesome online forum and made some amazing friends, who I still keep in touch with. Their kids' pictures light up my FB and make me SO incredibly happy. Seriously, I celebrate their children so much because I remember how much their mommas cried, yelled, raged, hoped and prayed. Those women made the dark days lighter. They posted and messaged when my Dad died and when my marriage ended. They've been such a blessing.

I started this blog before the MFI dx but after my PCOS dx. The support I received from the blogging world was incredible. You all championed my successes and consoled me during the failures. The love and support when my Dad died and when I announced my divorce was really heartwarming. And a wonderful balm to my aching heart. The IF blogging world is a fantastic support.

My point is, even though IF is a long, lonely road, you are not alone. Unfortunately there are others out there but the good thing about that sad fact is that you can find shoulders to lean on. And that makes a world of difference. Lean on people and seek support, find solace in the storm. The IF community will help guide you through.

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