October 18, 2008

Changes ahead

I am done with being down in the dumps about everything, especially things I cannot change! I have been struggling with what to do next, where to start and how to implement it all but no more! I'm not sure what happened to kick me in the butt but suddenly I am all revved up and ready to get on with my life. I guess everyone has to hit the darkest point before they can see the light. These past few months have been emotionally tough on me, I struggled with depression like I never have before and nothing seemed to help. I couldn't shake the gloominess, fear, sadness and feelings of unworthiness. I knew, deep down, that I should probably see my doctor about my feelings but I just couldn't get past my pride or admit that I was so depressed. I kept thinking that I would feel better with more time but it never happened until recently. When I got fed up and made a change.

C and I started walking 2 miles every evening around our neighborhood. I started feeling better, having more energy and sleeping better! All because I was walking! I am eating better, living better and actually feeling better. I cut negative people out of my life, forgave people I had been angry at and started relaxing more. I am still working on the relaxing part, I get so stressed out! But it's better then it was and even my headaches are less frequent. It's amazing how much can change just by taking a walk with my husband, a simple walk every evening. It makes me laugh. I should have done this before!

We also have a plan now. A firm plan on what step to take next in regards to my fertility. I have doctor appointments and a plan. I am happier then I have been in a long, long time.

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