August 5, 2009

Don't Worry Baby

We got the results of C's blood tests yesterday and of course they raised more questions then provided answers. Everything is normal, except for his testosterone. It was at 280 and they said normal is 300 but google said normal for a man his age is 700 so I'm curious as to why they're ok with 300. Due to C's work schedule, he isn't able to go back for more information/testing until the 13th and then he leaves for OK on the 16th. I'm very irritated about the timing of all this and pretty frustrated that there is nothing we can do about it. C tells me to not worry and denies that he is worried, which I can't believe. I think he's scared and just not ready to admit to it. I don't want to push him on it but I also don't want him to let it pile up and then lose it completely.

Google is becoming my enemy because it spewed forth crappy information about male menopause, testicular failure and pituitary tumors, all of which made me cry. I just want answers and a plan on how we're going to fix these problems, if we even can. It's killing me to not know what the hell is going on with C. I can handle my fertility problems but once things start to go wrong for C, I lose my mind. I can't bear the thought of something serious being wrong with him, it terrifies me. I'm not even worried anymore about my PCOS, all of my focus is centered around C's health now.

With everything that is going on, I suggested to C that it might be a good idea to call his parents and clue them in. He flat-out refuses to do so. I beg him to at least call his brother, they are pretty close and his brother has a degree in medicine, but he won't even do that. I think it has a lot to do with his pride, C and I are Hispanic and in our families, this is not something you speak of. Our families are both very fertile and to tell all of them, will mark us as the defective ones. Which, obviously, we are hesitant to do but I see no harm in telling his parents. C promises that he will once we know more b/c he doesn't want to worry them before we know more. I feel bad b/c my parents know everything and his are still in the dark.

But, I'm a talker and I have to tell someone how I feel. I also like for my parents to know what is going on so that they can pray for us b/c I truly believe prayer works miracles. At least it did for my Dad these past few months. Aside from being a talker, I am a worrier and I worry about everything. It's no surprise that I have high blood pressure. C is constantly telling me to not worry, especially about these blood test results but I can't help it. I hope this week goes by super fast.


  1. I hope you get some answers soon! My husband's testosterone was on the low side of normal, around 240. I think the range is 200-something to 800 or 900. He's been on clomid and a fertility blend for almost two months now and when he got retested his testosterone was 1025. So maybe it's something simple and nothing to worry about. I hope so for your sake!

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  3. Sorry about dleleting my first comment, I gave incorrect info on it.

    Testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, so it would depend on what time of the day the test was taken, and what activities were done before the test. When I first started comparing my blood tests to the net, I found the best site for me that made sense was:

    Don't give up hope yet, My first blood test also showed that I was low, but my doc had me do it again first thing in the morning when testosterone levels are their highest. This test came back normal.

  4. I hope that you get some answers soon! You're in my prayers. I understand your frustration with your DH for not wanting to share with his family, but it sounds like he's a really private person and just wants to keep things to himself. My DH and I have not shared anything that we have gone through with our families - we just felt like we needed our privacy and space.

  5. That is a great suggestion Kenny, we are definitely going to ask for another testosterone test.