July 31, 2009

Let's Hear it for the Boy[s]

Our appointment with Dr. Nuts was interesting, we liked him. I was able to be present for the entire appointment, which was fun during the physical exam. I'm impressed that I didn't start giggling like a 14 year old schoolboy or make any inappropriate jokes in front of Dr. Nuts. Yes, I do love crude humor and I know that I laugh at things that mainly teenage boys laugh at and my mind is in the gutter about 80% of the time, but isn't C a lucky man?! Usually he's right there with me, laughing his ass off but I was smart enough to wait on the jokes until the doctor left the room.

Dr. Nuts is astonished that a 26 year old healthy man had a zero SA. He thinks it must be a fluke and ordered two more SAs, one to be done this Monday and the other on the 10th. He also took a ton of blood and told us to expect the results by Monday. He went over the possible reasons for azoospermia and further testing. C told the doctor, "Let's do every test possible. I want to exhaust every option." aww, I love this man so much! C is taking all this in stride and is very optimistic about everything, I wish I could have his strength. I'm not as depressed anymore about it but I've been praying a lot so I think that is what is helping me. Plus, knowing that we have others praying for us helps a lot too.

Dr. Nuts did mention the possibility of a tumor on the pituitary gland, he said it would be benign but the thought alone freaks me out. I've googled and talked to my SIL, who is an RN, and I'm doubtful there is a tumor. Way to freak out the IF couple though Dr. Nuts! I am very anxious to get answers and to find out if there are any sperm, anywhere in C's testicles. I'm pretty impatient but now I have a real reason to push the doctors even more. We just found out that C will be leaving for 6 weeks to complete some training and he leaves in about two weeks. He'll only be three hours away but he has to stay there and it's in another state so it looks like everything will be put on hold until he returns. This makes me sad and very annoyed but C will get a pay raise when he returns, which will come in handy for either IVF or adoption costs.

I hate to put our TTC efforts on hold and all I can think is that it's becoming less and less likely that we will become parents in 2010, which was my hope. I really dread hitting that 2 year mark in April and not being pregnant. Oh man, why can't our journey to parenthood be just a little easier?


  1. I'm sorry it is so rough right now! I hope that things become easier soon!

  2. I'm sorry that everything is so difficult for you right now. You're in my thoughts and prayers!