August 8, 2009

A lazy weekend

Dr. Insensitive's office is full of idiots. We dropped off C's gunk Monday, I call Thursday for results and they tell me that they have to call me back. When they finally call, 5 hours later, they give me the results of my HSG. Yeah, thanks, but I already have those, how about giving me the results I called for!? The results that are tying my stomach in knots and giving me hope for at least a few sperm. The nurse is giggly at first, until she picks up on my irritation, and then promises to find them and call me right back. I jumped like crazy every time the phone rang yesterday but they never called. Argh, jerks! How dare they have other patients and stuff when I so desperately want our results!? (just kidding but seriously)

I feel bad that all I ever post about is IF doom and gloom, which I doubt anyone minds, but I have to stop thinking about it 24/7 or else I'm going to lose my frickin' mind. C is working all weekend OOT and I'm bored out of my mind at home, so bored that I decided it would be a good idea to organize the closet in our office. The tipping point was when I opened the door and an avalanche of magazines and folders spewed forth. My two dogs were a big help, they sat and stared at me as I pulled things out and made an even bigger mess. I think I have a problem, I seem to keep magazines for no reason. I have a ton of past issues of Glamour, Instyle, Southern Living, Better Homes and Garden and many, many more. They are just sitting around, waiting for me to cut out the articles I circled but never do. I have a HUGE stack to take to the recycling center on Monday.

It actually has been nice to blast my itunes and clean. My latest obsessions music-wise are Patsy Cline, Michael Buble and The Temptations. I go through these "phases" where I crave certain songs and Makes C laugh to go through my ipod and see such a weird mix of music. C is awesome and I'm lucky to have him, he keeps me sane and makes me laugh. He loves sharks so he was giddy over Shark Week on Discovery this past week. He loves sharks the way I love witches and zombies, wish there was a witch/zombie week! I can't wait for October, Halloween is a BIG deal in my house and Fall is my favorite season. Plus, I'm hoping that we have our answers by then and have a plan firmly in place for our future. This week brings another SA, our follow-up with Dr. Nuts, C leaving for OK and me leaving for TX to visit my Dad for his birthday. But, I'm feeling more hopeful then I have in a month and I'm taking that as a good sign.


  1. Nothing is more frustrating than waiting for results, I hope that you get yours soon! I need to work on cleaning out my closets as well.

  2. Sorry they left you wondering all weekend! That is so frustrating.
    Hope you were able to feel productive - I had a very lazy weekend and good have used some of your motivation!