October 28, 2009

Cutie Cute Dogs

We have 2 very spoiled furbabies- Lucky and Lila. They are both chihuahua/weenie dog mixes aka chiweenies! Lucky was rescued November 2006 and Lila was adopted February 2007. They have been completely spoiled by us ever since, even my parents spoil them! I can't believe I haven't "introduced" them yet! So, here are my babies:


He was about to be abandoned after his mom's owners couldn't get "rid" of him so we grabbed him up! We hadn't been married long and lived in a tiny apartment but we couldn't let him be tossed aside like that. He loves Cheetos and fries and is constantly at C's side, they are BFFs. Lucky has an attitude but we let it slide b/c he's so darn cute! He thinks he's a huge pit bull and has yet to meet a dog he's afraid of, much to the annoyance of our neighbors! Loves to howl at the train and chase bubbles. He loves to sit on our windowsills, keeping an eye on the neighborhood. Total Daddy's boy and is very protective of us.


We adopted her after I realized Lucky needed a sibling and I wanted a girl dog. She's a submissive urinator and pees if we yell at her, scare her, pick her up a certain way, drop something, hit something....basically she pees a lot but she can't help it and we love her anyway. Lila think she's a princess and regularly demands belly rubs by walking up to us and plopping down on her back in front of us. Anyone that comes over is expected to rub her belly as well. She's our delicate sweetie, scared of fireworks and loud noises. She's totally a mommy's girl and loves to cuddle!

I'm not sure what I would do without our 2 dogs, they even go with me on my regular trips to Houston to visit family! Their stockings are hung by ours over the fireplace every Christmas and I can't go to a pet store without buying them a new toy, Carlos teases me but he spoils them just as much.

I leave you with Lucky and Lila decked out in their Halloween finery. I hope you had a great Wednesday and have an even better Thursday!


  1. Cuuuuuuute costumes!

  2. Me again - just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blog award.

  3. Lucky and Lila are so cute! I love their costumes!