March 4, 2010


An amazing blogger, Suzanne from My Life's Journey, nominated me for an award! Thank you hon!

When you receive the Happy 101 Award, you have to list 10 things that make your day and then list 10 blogs worthy of this award as well. Post a link to the blogs you nominate, and make sure you let them know that they have been nominated!

My 10 things are as follows:

1. C (for a billion and one reasons but mainly because he's so wonderfully C)

2. Lucky and Lila aka the most spoiled dogs, ever

3. Reading

4. Traveling

5. Spring time

6. my 9 nephews and nieces

7. the beach

8. great friends

9. hiking

10. Perfect days (where everything is amazing and you smile and laugh all day)

The 10 Blogs I nominate are:

Conception Deception


My Ramblings

No, I'm Not Pregnant, Just Fat

wait, what?

Infertility and Me

Just Want to Be a Mom

Sell Crazy Someplace Else

In the Name of the Father


All amazing bloggers, they are supportive and they write so honestly and openly about IF.

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