October 20, 2010

Purple for Spirit Day

I'm wearing purple today to show my support for Spirit Day because there is no need for anti-gay bullying in today's world. The world is hard enough without going around and being a total d*ck to people simply because of their sexual orientation. Let them live their life and you live yours and we'll all be much happier!

Also, I'm showing my support for October being Domestic Violence Awareness Month. My sister is a survivor of domestic violence, she was in a bad relationship for a couple of years and just this past Spring found the strength to end it. Now she's a single mom, trying to put her life back together and I admire her immensely. Go here to learn more: www.ncadv.org

Let's just all love each other, wouldn't that be amazing?


  1. Thank you for a thoughtful reminder. Bullying is terrible and it shouldn't happen to anyone. Also, one of my BFF's sister is in a bad domestic situation and we just pray she gets out someday.

  2. I am wearing purple today too....this has got to end. xoxoxoxox