October 22, 2010

Stay Busy

I was feeling down the past couple of days. I finally got confirmation from our new insurance that we don't have coverage for any ART procedures, only diagnostics and corrective surgery. The guy did tell me if our doctor would code the meds right, they could be covered...isn't that funny?! I had been so hopeful because the wording in our insurance packet made it sound like IVF was covered so it was such a letdown. I went to Pan.era and blew my diet by stuffing my face with carbs. I had lost a total of five pounds but gained back two thanks to our Halloween party and my carb-fest. le sigh

To distract myself from my IF sadness, I've been keeping busy with busy work. Making lists of things needed for Thanksgiving, gift ideas for Christmas and researching them online, hunting for new flatware and dishware, new bedding for our master, finding projects I want C to tackle and scheduling doctor appointments now that our new insurance is kicking in. I'm having my wisdom teeth removed November 4th, ouch! I'm also going on a girls trip soon to Dallas, excited about that! Keeping busy so I don't obsess over IF, it's working but it's not, know what I mean?

Anyway, on to my grateful list! This week I'm grateful for:

* a successful Halloween party with a minimal hangover
* video chatting with my family
* Pumpkin muffins...OMG, so good!
* waking up to a thunderstorm after a month of no rain
* getting tons of compliments on my Halloween decor, was dubbed the Queen of Halloween!
* sitting around our chiminea with good friends
* finding little love notes C left for me buried under a pile of crap on my desk
* opening my mailbox to find it stuffed with magazines and not bills
* the support I get from all my online buddies
* my amazing, wonderful, loving, supportive, gorgeous C

Do you know that today is? Today is 11 years since C asked me to be his girlfriend, we were 16 and took every opportunity to make out and dream of our future together. It's both better and worse than we ever imagined but we're also stronger than we ever imagined and love each other more than we ever dreamed possible. I'm so lucky to have him.


  1. I try to stay busy for the same reasons - it helps me and I hope it helps you too! Great list of things to be thankful for! A girls trip sounds fabulous - I'm going to have to plan one myself!

  2. Keeping busy helps, but the sadness does like to crept up on us. Enjoy sometime with your husband and celebrate all your good times together!

  3. Such a bummer about the insurance I can imagine what a HUGE disappointment that was. Keeping busy is the secret and I too have a list of things to keep me going.

    I love the way you look back on two teenagers and see the couple you guys have become. I hope you always keep making out and dreaming of your future together... and hoping some of those dreams ahev already and other are going to come true soon.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about the insurance coverage. A great big HUGS!!! to you. I like your gratitude list and I'm so glad that you and C found each other :) I'm glad that this difficult situation is bringing you together and making you stronger and not pulling you apart.

  5. Congratulations on your anniversary! eleven years is a long time to share your life with someone!!! ML and i will celebrate our 11 years in january - wow! (although i didn't meet him until i was 22 :)

    Insurance crap just sucks - everything about it just sucks. Our pay for nothing, well they pay some for counseling, but nothing for actual treatment. It really sucks.