November 3, 2010

Random Updates

Random #1: Wow, November already! How did that happen? I swear it was barely July yesterday and I was still drinking lots of margaritas in the pool. It's like I blinked and it's already the end of the year. On one hand, I'm really happy because it means we're that much closer to us cycling but on the other hand, I'm really scared because it means we're that much closer to cycling. It's such a mix of emotions and I'm happy to not think too much about it all. It's better for my sanity that way!

Random #2: We've been super busy around here. C is really busy at work and I'm spending a good amount of time with friends and house stuff. Halloween weekend was fabulous, complete with a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and some margaritas. C had to work but I handed out candy to some very adorable kids and *almost* stole a barely walking Frankenstein from his parents, if only they weren't my!

Random #3: We're installing laminate flooring this week, after scoring a great deal, and I'm getting my impacted wisdom teeth removed tomorrow, yay. I've bought a ton of magazines and have some good movies to watch while I recover. I can't wait to milk it for all I can while C is taking care of me..bwahahaha!!

Random #4: I'm hosting a baby shower next week, pray I don't stab someone by the end of it. I also have a couple of kid birthday parties and some girls nights out planned so it'll be a nice mix of fun and alcohol to get me through it all.

Random #5: 16 more days until the next Harry Potter movie comes out, I am out-of-my-freaking-mind excited and have already bought my midnight showing tickets. SQUEE!!!!

Random #6: Working on some good blog posts so I'll be back soon with an angst filled post about IF doom and gloom. These Christmas commercials with cute kids are KILLING me.

Have a great Thursday and say a prayer for my poor mouth and the pain I'm sure to inflict on C as he is forced to baby me.


  1. Good luck with the wisdom teeth!
    There were so many cute trick or treaters this year...I had to physically restrain myself from kidnapping them ;)

  2. I hope that everything goes well with having your wisdom teeth removed. Be sure to have soup, jello, and ice cream on hand - that will help. I'm a big Harry Potter fan too. Good luck with hosting the baby shower!