November 28, 2010

the Plague

The evening after Thanksgiving, once I had waved my family off, I came down with the plague. It was horrible and I've spent the past couple of days in total misery and losing 5 lbs. Now that I'm not puking every hour, I feel really run down and completely exhausted. Not to mention that my stomach feels like I've done about 500 crunches so I'm being especially pathetic and just laying around. It's nice to be a total bum :)

Although, judging from FB, I am SO behind in my Christmas decorating and feel appropriately ashamed. I mean, my Fall wreath is still on my front door! ::gasp:: However, I did shuffle around the house earlier and gather my Fall decor in one place to be packed away soon. I managed to talk myself out of climbing into the attic to grab what Christmas decor I could because I don't want to over-do it. Instead, I'm all cozy in bed watching Ghost.Adventures and waiting on laundry to dry.

Laundry because I have to pack our stuff since we're heading home tomorrow to visit C's family from California. His big brother, the one with three kids under four conceived quickly and easily. The brother who offered to be our sperm donor and then suddenly went quiet. We haven't seen them in over a year and a half, not since we learned of C's azoo. I'm dreading this visit for all these reasons but also because our nephews and niece look like they could be C's children. I'm afraid of watching C with these kids, I know it's going to hurt. Just like it hurts C to watch me with my niece who could be my mini-me.

::sigh:: It's going to be a long week.


  1. So sorry you are sick, I hope you feel better soon! Good luck on your vacation - I'm sorry it will be difficult but I hope it ends up being fun too. Oh and I still have all my Fall decor up - don't feel bad! :)

  2. I just took my fall stuff down yesterday!! Hope you feel better.