December 17, 2010

Making myself be grateful

Life has been kicking my butt lately and my hormones are crazy so I cry easily, get moody fast and yell at the poor GeekSquad guy about the virus on my computer (thanks FB for not monitoring your dang ads!) and then smile sweetly at C and ask for a kiss. Oh and I also got all super snarky with friends this week but am proud to report, I (mostly) kept it off FB, woohoo! My one total FAIL was me posting a nasty comment on my Mom's page being all passive aggressive toward a friend of our family, cause I'm super klassy y'all.

This week I am grateful for:

* vaporizers....seriously, where have you been all my life?! I can breathe when I sleep now!
* relaxing on the couch and watching Love Actually and Little Women...ahh, such good movies!
* opening my mailbox and seeing Christmas cards in there
* C making dinner last night
* C handling my hormones very well and making me laugh and for giving me a back rub
* Christmas music, it just makes my heart happy
* fun weekend plans that include a movie date night with our BFFs, live music and beer tomorrow night with some funny friends and a Christmas party with our BFFs on Sunday
* seeing good news on my blog roll thingy: a huge congrats to the Chois-R-Us and to Busted Plumbing I had happy tears seeing pictures of their new additions!

Have a great weekend, I hope you have lots of good stuff planned. Also, go over and give some love to Michelle at No, I'm Not Pregnant, Just Fat because I just want to kick IF's ass on her behalf.

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  1. Big ((hugs))! I understand how you are feeling and hope that it gets better very soon! Enjoy your weekend, it sounds fabulous!