January 15, 2011

How much longer until Spring?

Our week started out like this:

and like this

the dogs had some fun though

C and I enjoyed it too, we went sledding for the first time ever and laughed ourselves silly. It's finally melting and now I check the forecast to see even more snow is predicted later in the week. ::sigh:: Doesn't the weather know I am eager to drink margaritas in the pool again? Doesn't help that stores have bathing suits out already! We have a family wedding to attend in deep South Texas soon and the weather is predicted to be in the 70's, I can't wait!

This week was one of those weeks and it just seemed to drag on and on, seriously longest week ever. I had drama with my family and a friend of C's was diagnosed with a (operable, thank God!) brain tumor, the only bright spot was a good friend of mine having her baby. I poured myself a nice glass or two of wine earlier and it helped immensely.

My birthday is fast approaching and I'm honestly not that excited about it. The "plan" was to have a kid by this birthday and it stings that we don't. It has me thinking a lot about my life and the direction it has taken since C and I graduated high school. Also has me amazed that I'm about to be 28, feels like I just turned 16 yesterday. Time flies, doesn't it? Wish it would fly to warmer weather and our IVF already! ha!

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