March 18, 2011


woo, it's Friday! My hubby isn't working this weekend and it's absolutely gorgeous outside, I am one happy lady! It's been a nice, quiet week and it was just want I needed. I did some shopping, hung out with a friend and did some drinking in celebration of St. Patrick's Day...perfection!

This week I am grateful for:

* warm, breezy Spring weather!
* getting my hands dirty and planting peonies and favorite flowers!
* pulling out my beach towels, shorts and flip flops...but not so much my bathing suits : /
* finding the perfect pink nail polish for my toes
* long FB "wars" with my brother and sister where we post embarrassing memories about each other
* getting my Easter decor down from the attic and finally putting my Christmas decor back up there!
* the tears of happiness I cried over Mommy-in-Waiting's great, wonderful news; I have so much hope for myself after her great beta. Cheers, my dear, I am over the moon for you!!

I hope the weather is beautiful for all of you this weekend!


  1. Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. I like your list :) I need to start writing my own lists of gratitude again!