April 30, 2011

Good Riddance to April

I am so glad to see this month end, it was rough. We have spent the past couple of weeks getting hit by storms and hiding out from tornadoes. C and I were in *wal*mart on Tuesday when the sirens went off and they ushered us to the back of the store, it was very frightening. Once the immediate danger was over, we flew home to check on our dogs. I was so worried about them and luckily, they and our house were fine. Unfortunately, the next town over was hit and devastated by a tornado. The day before that, a small tornado touched down about 10 minutes down the road from us. Very scary stuff. I am so ready for tornado season to be over.

I am so heartbroken for the people affected in Alabama, the pictures are just horrifying. Please think about giving blood and/or donating to relief efforts. I found this link on another blog that is for donations through the AL governor's office and of course this is the Red Cross.

I think in light of all this sadness, I need to find some gratitude. This week I am grateful for:

* friends who text me when they hear sirens and/or warnings, we kept each other updated and stayed in close contact through the worst parts of the storms
* my silly dogs, Lucky doesn't mind the storms but Lila hides under our bed
* my cell phone, it was my lifeline when we lost power for 10 hours!
* scoring an awesome pair of rainboats for 75% off at old*navy and they work awesome
* plans to make a trip home for a family wedding, can't wait to see everyone!
* just weddings in general...how beautiful was the bride's dress?! I adore the British royalty
* my ever wonderful hubby, C makes me happy

but most of all? This week we surpassed our savings goal and now have everything we need for not only 1 but 2 IVFs. SQUEEEEEE!!!!!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear that you have surpassed your savings goal! That's wonderful news :)