April 4, 2011

too much bad at one time

I know we're only four days into this month but I'm going to go ahead and call April utter crap. C's cousin committed suicide on Saturday but was kept alive on machines until today. She was only in her early thirties, it's such a shock. She had been depressed for a long time but I never imagined this outcome. My heart is just aching for her and her parents and siblings. She was just a delight to be around and was very welcoming to me when C and I first started dating all those years ago.

Thursday is our 3 year TTCversary. Not good times around here. Can you keep us in your thoughts and prayers? 


  1. I am so sorry, what awful news. I am praying for you and C and his family. :(

  2. I am so sorry :( Sending good thoughts to you and your families.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Suicide is such a difficult type of death to come to terms with. No matter how depressed someone is I don't think we ever prepare ourselves for the ending like that.

    And the ttc anniversary is not one you want to be celebrating. I am really hoping that by the time you are facing this anniversary again next year, everything has turned around and we are celebrating your pregnancy and maybe even birth!

    Sending hugs and keeping you in my thoughts.

  4. I am sorry for your families loss. Prayers for the road ahead.

  5. I am so so sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers.