June 24, 2011

Friday Happy Thoughts

Things that make me happy/grateful lately:

* getting new magazines in the mail
* an unexpected phone call from a longtime friend
* a book that is making me think and feel good
* a lunch date with my IF friend that lasted 8 hours...then we had dinner!
* a last minute cookout with friends, Summer at it's finest
* new nail polish colors; I've only ever bought pink or orange, now I'm addicted to purple & green
* sitting in the backyard, waiting the heat lightning with a glass of wine
* but I also like sitting there during the day and watching the birds fight over our bird feeder, we have doves!!
* cuddling up on the couch with C and our dogs and watching a movie

My Dad ended up in the ICU this week after aspirating vomit while under anesthesia to get a port put in and then he developed pneumonia. He's stable now but it was very scary for awhile. Can I just say again that cancer sucks?


  1. Hope your dad gets better quickly. I love your list of happy thoughts!

  2. I always love your list.

    I'm sorry about your father. That must be so hard.

  3. I enjoyed your happy thoughts list :) I love different colors of nail polish as well, my toenails are now a bright blue :) You and your father are in my thoughts and prayers. I know that it is a really difficult time for you right now.