July 21, 2012

Our Unusual Summer

I'm not sure what's up with my body but it's been messing with me lately. I'm guessing it's finally being on thyroid medicine and the correct dosage of met.formin that is doing it. But after ten years of no/seldom periods, I've had two this Summer. The entire month of May, which was just as fun as it sounds, and now again. AF is making me feel like a teenage girl again too, I'm super emotional and craving chocolate, which I normally hate. I'm an emotional basket case and it's driving me crazy! C is being really sweet with me, I have no clue what I'd do without that man. He's indulging my cravings for ice cream cones, rubbing my back, picking up Mid.ol for me and just being an all around great husband.

AF aside, things have been hectic and stressful in our house as we pack, move and try to close on two houses. Our Arkansas house closing has been pushed twice and it's so frustrating seeing how we already moved everything to Texas. We are currently camped out in the living room, eating take out all the time and no entertainment other than a radio, my Nook and our laptops. We were only suppose to be here for two days so we only brought one suitcase back here and have had to run out and buy more clothes. Oddly enough, it's not as miserable as it could be. We're having a lot of fun and watching a ton of movies, although we are so sick of take out! We should find out early next week when we're finally closing and once that is determined, I'll know when we can close on the TX house. Once we're back in TX and waiting, we'll be staying with my ILs. Pray for me.

We celebrated six years of marriage last weekend, but didn't really do much. Went out for a casual dinner since we have nothing nice to wear and went for a ride on the motorcycle. After the crap we put our marriage through this past Spring, we were just so happy to be in a good place that it didn't matter what we did to celebrate. We have a tradition of watching our wedding video and luckily it was still in the house so we were able to watch it. Made me really sad to see my Dad and both Grandpas that have since passed. The grieving is getting better but it still hurts something awful.

I miss normalcy. And our bed and watching tv and having more than 4 pairs of shorts and 5 shirts and mostly, home cooked food. I'm ready to officially end this chapter of our lives and start the new one. Ready for a change and to live near family after 6 years of living away from them. Ready, so ready!

Be blessed, lovies and enjoy your weekend!

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