October 29, 2013

My heart is happy

So, I've been dating the Cowboy for almost 5 months now. He makes this cold, black heart of mine smile. He's about as different from C as a guy could be but I like that. I wasn't planning or looking for a relationship but he came along and just changed everything! I mentioned in this post that we met online. We started messaging which led to texting which led to phone calls that lasted until 5 in the morning. I'd go into work so damn tired but grinning from ear to ear. Our first date lasted almost 12 hours and the sparks were undeniable. We became official about a month later, neither of us were interested in dating other people. We spent the most amazing Summer together and I was worried that it was just a summer romance but here we are at the end of October and still going strong.

Our dates are always fun and unpredictable, he makes me laugh so hard. My friends all like him and my dogs adore him. My family has been a slow process bc it's been difficult for them to accept a guy who isn't C, it's been a bumpy road with them. But, things are smoothing out and they're happy to see me so happy. I was so nervous to meet the Cowboy's family, considering the last time I met parents was when I was a dumb teenager. Not to mention that my relationship with my XIL's was strained due to the language barrier. But, his mom is awesome and we really get along very well! His parents are divorced and his dad isn't a big part of his life so I haven't met him yet. But he's the oldest of six with three brothers and two sisters and I've met all of them except for a brother who lives up north. His other brothers are hilarious though and I love hearing stories about the chaos four little boys caused growing up! His sisters are young- early twenties and the other is still in elementary school. The little one stole my heart and I just love her!

What surprised me about the Cowboy was just how much we have in common. It's nice to visit museums with someone who enjoys it as much as me, it's nice to watch football with someone who yells at the tv as much as me, it's nice to geek out over HP, superheroes and zombies with someone and it's nice to feel appreciated for all my little quirks. Not to mention that he can sing and that is the sexiest thing to me! He's actually auditioning for a major talent competition in the beginning of next year, maybe you'll see him on tv next season.

He's bearded, tattooed and pierced bc all of that is just so damn hot to me but he's a cowboy, hence his code name. He looks hot in a cowboy hat and in a fedora, which is now my favorite hat on a guy, ever! He's very well rounded and I like that so much. I've never had a guy touch me so gently or kiss me so passionately. The looks he gives me just melts me on a regular basis. He surprises me weekly with a different little treat- flowers, a sweet card, a corny stuffed animal or by doing something sweet like drawing me a candle lit bubble bath or giving me an amazing massage. Oh and he can cook. Seriously have no idea how he was single!

Of course he's not perfect, we do have speed bumps as I learn how to be in a relationship that isn't C and as he adjusts to dating a woman outside his race (I'm Mexican and he's White, not hugely different but different nonetheless) and also as we learn each other. Normal relationship growing pains, I gather. He's not perfect- his farts smell, he can be quite reserved and he's been through his own heartaches but I'm not looking for perfection. I'm looking for a guy who can be honest, faithful and perfectly content with dating a woman who is as far from perfect as a person can be. A woman who dealt with IF, buried her father and lost her long time love a mere ten months later. A woman whose family lives with her and whose XH is still around occasionally. Essentially, a man who looks at my baggage and doesn't blink an eye. Who sees me and likes what he sees.

I'm grateful he's in my life bc he's taught me so much and I am enjoying him so much. I'm cautiously excited to see where this goes.

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