March 23, 2014

Bitch about it Sunday

Something has shifted and I can't quite put my finger on exactly what. All I know is that my tolerance for bullshit is super low and I'm being kinda bitchy lately. I just have no fucks to give. The poor Cowboy is just rolling with it but I can tell he's internally WTFing my attitude a lot but biting his tongue. I can't even really blame PMS because thanks to complications from my IUD, it's raging all the time. Yay for me!

So, I thought, instead of a (late) gratitude list, I'd instead make a list of bitchy/snarky thoughts running through my head. The irony of making this post of bitchiness on a Sunday is not lost on me either but ehh, no fucks to give, remember?

Anyway, I want to bitch about the following:

* Upon seeing Kanye.West and Kim.Kardashian on the cover of Vogue, my thought process was this: They're basically the poor man's JayZ/Beyonce, yes? Why would such a classic magazine risk losing all credibility by putting a chick with a sex tape on the cover? Need publicity that bad? So, Anna Wintour IS a Kardashian in disguise. Gotcha

* a good friend of mine has been telling us for months now that she was going to TTC after they bought a house, which they did last month. She just announced her pregnancy and told everyone it was an unplanned shock. No bitch, you planned it, why lie? And don't get all huffy with me when I call you out!

* a huge jet has been missing for 2 weeks and you're telling me that the world has no clue what happened? I'm not buying it. You cannot tell me that the US government doesn't know exactly what happened but isn't sharing because there were so few Americans on board. Which is super shitty of my government, shame on them.

* I adore the show HIMYM but if it ends with the mother dead, I will never watch a single episode ever again. I've invested 9 seasons with this show and to end it so shitty would really be the writers saying a giant fuck you to all the fans. I'm still pissed about how Roseanne ended.

* my guy BFF has decided to get back with his XW, who cheated on him with this best friend while he was deployed and thought she was KU by that guy. Yes, BFF, give another chance to the tramp who fucked your long time friend while you were at war for our country. That should end well.

Oh man, I actually feel better now! Sometimes, you just gotta bitch about things to clear out the negative from your mind. I am always grateful for my life and the people/things in it but sometimes, those same people/things piss me off and irritate me.  And since even I refuse to pop open some wine this early on a Sunday, this is how I cope!

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