May 30, 2014


I haven't directly spoken to XH in awhile, although he keeps trying to initiate contact. He texts my sister on an almost daily basis about the stupidest shit. I'm much happier having no contact and really hope he settles down soon and leaves us alone. If he's so happy with his girlfriend, I don't see why he's all up my ass. But I don't think it has anything to do with him being in love with me anymore, I think it's more that he's pissed about not being able to control me anymore. That and I seriously don't think he's mentally stable.

But, it's Friday so it's time for some gratitude! This week I'm grateful for:

* celebrating my nephew's 16th birthday, I got all teary eyed though bc it seems like he was JUST a baby
* stormy nights, there's something so soothing about falling asleep to thunder and rain
* having 3 potential job opportunities, fingers crossed!!
* snarky texts with one of my BFFs
* cuddly dogs
* cuddly boyfriends too!
* getting lost in a good book
* night fishing with family

Aside from all the drama with XH, things are pretty good. Summer is here, my tan is returning and despite the nasty humidity, it's nice wearing shorts and flip flops everywhere. Bring on the sultry nights, days spent at the beach, and sipping a good beer while watching the sunset and the fireflies come out!

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