July 11, 2014

It's Friday!

Having a live-in boyfriend is loads of fun and a lot of adjustment. It's nice having him here for all the cuddle time I want but it's hard getting use to the fact that he doesn't go home. I was very use to my alone time and quite comfortable with it! But, I'm adjusting and he is too so it's going well.

Anyway, it's Friday! So, this week I'm grateful for:

* finally getting my braces off 20 months after I got them on, it feels great!
* buying photography equipment
* getting my hair done
* long phone calls with my BFF in Arkansas, I miss her so very much!
* getting M hooked on True Blood, we are watching Season 4 right now
* stormy nights spent in bed with a cute guy
* cucumber margaritas with a good friend
* small niece turned 5 and her birthday shoot was so much fun!

Life is calm and good right now. I'm having fun soaking up everything fun about Summer but I'm looking forward to the Fall, of course! Couple of trips coming up and I'm looking forward to those too. Have a great weekend, lovies!

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