June 24, 2014

Moving In

So, it's been a year since I met the Cowboy aka M and a year since we went on our first date, I introduced him here. I never expected to find anything meaningful and was quite content to just play around on my own. Isn't it funny how God had other plans? It hasn't been smooth, it was a learning process for me to be in a relationship that wasn't with my XH but M was very, very patient with me and I am grateful. It's no surprise that we fell in love. Falling in love as an adult was, and continues to be, the most incredible experience.

I posted a while back about being in a strange spot with our relationship because of the whole marriage thing. Once we finally talked, it was such a relief and I felt so much better for us to be on the same page. We now agree that maybe, one day in the future, we will get engaged but for now, we're happy just being together. There is no rush and neither of us needs to make it official to continue on.

But, we did move in together! Or rather, he moved in with me and my already full house but everyone likes him and supported the decision. It's quite nice to have him here, we are both enjoying it immensely! Although, it's been an adjustment, of course. I don't mind sharing the closet but sharing one of my dressers made me slightly grumpy. But, he helps cook and clean so that makes the annoyance easier to handle....ha!

I'm happy and in love, it's wonderful. M has been the biggest surprise but definitely one of the best. It's a new chapter and I'm excited to see what it brings!

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