June 18, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

Remember how I casually slipped this announcement into the bottom of a grateful list? Maybe not? Maybe yes? In any case, I started my own photography business back in February. I've loved photography since I took a class back in high school and played with cameras off and on in the years since. I haven't been in a dark room in years but it was once my happy place! I got a Nikon DSLR in January of 2011 and have spent the last three years falling even more in love with photography. Family and friends have told me for years to start my photography business but I'd just laugh and make a joke about it. After my divorce, I really started thinking about it and people really started pushing me so I took the big step and I'm so happy I did.

I've done six shoots with seven more either scheduled already or in the process of being scheduled. It's mind-blowing to me! I'm in the process of designing a logo, designing business cards, and building a website. Not to mention shopping for more lenses, props, and maybe a new camera. Oh and scouting locations, pimping out my FB page, and building a client base. It's actually so much fun, I'm loving every aspect of it! I can't believe people are paying me to take pictures, it's amazing.

I'm also still job hunting, it's extremely frustrating. I'm realizing I can't keep doing nothing so my sister and I are starting an etsy shop! Mainly going to sale jewelry but looking to expand beyond that, if it's successful. I'm also helping my nephew and cousin with college stuff- going over college brochures, SAT prep, getting exposure for their baseball on social media, etc. Basically, I'm being their manager and it's nice to help get them excited about college and their future. And I'm planning a benefit for my BFF's dad, who has been fighting cancer since 2011. So, lots on my plate and I'm a busy little bee but I much prefer that over doing absolutely nothing like I was!

So, I'm leaving you with some pictures, nothing of faces because I'm still protecting the anonymity of both myself and my loved ones but I've been toying with the idea of "outting" myself lately too. I am starting to feel like the time of hiding is coming to an end.

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