February 21, 2014


It's been quite the week and it's much overdue for some gratitude!

This week I'm grateful for:

* awesome friends who regularly make me laugh and remind me that life is great
* teenage nephew's HS baseball games, love watching him play!
* good books, getting lost in a great read is so therapeutic to me
* all the supportive people in my life, it's a blessing for sure
* Spring-like days with warmth and a good breeze
* impromptu calls from friends to gather at our favorite bar, late at night, right before closing
* realizing how happy I am now and how it has everything to do with me liking who I am now and being comfortable in my own skin

I took a bold step this week and it left me feeling so empowered! I've been job hunting now for 7 months, it's been beyond frustrating. So I had been flirting around with the idea of starting my own photography business. I've been doing shoots off and on since C split and everyone kept encouraging me to actually make that leap but I was scared. Well, I took the leap and made a FB page for it. I'm shooting a small wedding tonight and actually booked 2 maternity/newborn sessions yesterday and today! I'm looking forward to ordering more equipment soon. I'm taking steps to make my dreams come true and it feels amazing!

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