June 22, 2015

Another Awkward Encounter

The Cowboy and I officially celebrated two years this month! We spent the day before our anniversary browsing a few museums, we got completely swept up in the Museum of Fine Arts- Houston and just got lost among all the beauty. I highly recommend doing that! The actual day of our anniversary we slept in and had breakfast in bed before dragging ourselves out to run some errands. One of those errands involved a cell phone store and while waiting our turn, XH and his GF came walking in.

I spied them through the window before they entered and XH looked so happy and relaxed. I quickly turned around so I could put my back to the store, I just was dreading the inevitable awkward encounter. Luckily, the Cowboy and I were kinda hidden but XH happened to walk around the display blocking us and when he recognized us, he stopped and his eyes got huge. I jokingly told him, "Well, this is awkward." He agreed and walked away. He promptly went back over to her and, I kid you not, proceeded to get all over her, like he was a horny teenager. It was hilarious. We finished up our business and left without a second glance. I was stunned though. Two incidents in a month, what are the damn chances?! I have no ill feelings toward them but obviously I'd prefer not to see either of their faces.

But, the more important thing is that the Cowboy and I have been together for two years. It's really gone by so quickly! It's hard to believe this all started with a message on an online dating site, we sometimes forget that's how we met. But, I have no regrets and it's been so much fun with him, he makes life interesting. We're having a really fun summer so far and have even more fun planned ahead.

Hope you're squeezing every drop of goodness out of this Summer too!

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